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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ballet class

Saturday morning is ballet class.  It is something I do without question now like brushing my teeth.  When I cannot go because of illness or injury oh it is pity time....I go into withdrawals and feel like I am not myself and whoa is me and what will become of me sets in with fear that I will lose all that I feel I have gained as an athlete in this sport,  I cannot even imagine the amount of Saturdays and all days I would have to dance in order to look like the picture above.

The amount of discipline I put into my dance seems so weak to me yet to my friends and co-workers they think I am a fanatic when it comes to ballet class.  I go 4 times a week sometimes more.  I eat healthy but I could do so much better.  I have been on a diet for over 50 years and hover right around 115 pounds.  I always strive to weigh 5 pounds less and stay healthy and have only been able to weigh 110 pounds by starving myself and anyone can do that.  The trick is to eat healthy and stay strong enough to dance.

Today I think I have learned how to insert images into my blog.  We shall see.  A work in progress always.  I wonder what it would feel like to work at something and excel to the extent of the dancer in that picture?  Oh not judge or compare myself......that takes constant attention.....

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