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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stay Loose

My jaw is limp .....but no I am chewing my jaw is limp.....stay loose and we shall see what appears on my blog that is not superficial??  Yeah right.  I am staring out in space...let go....let judgements fall away.  Then comes clarity.  It's okay to try new things and experiment....what do you experiment with?

I am experimenting with apple cider to heal the red spot on my nose.  I am always experimenting with my diet and how my food choices effect my health.  Currently I am cutting back on salads.  WHAT?  Every health book I have ever read MORE salads.....and so I did......and I feel like my stomach was always upset and I think my digestion did not agree with too many greens so now I am trying just 3 cups a week.

What if the opposite of good isn't bad?  What if the opposite of good is REAL?  What is real for me is experimenting with my diet to an obsession.  Making judgement after judgement about it being good or bad and NOT staying loose at all.  Human conditioning is impossible to change.  The only thing to do is as K. (Krishnamurti) totally in the moment and see what happens.  I experiment with that too.

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