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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falling together

Why does it seem like when others decide to do something everything just falls into place? One of my best firends wanted to quit her job and start her own business in dog massage. And so she did. She took classes to get her certificate in dog massage, had her daughter-in-law design her web page and within a year she is in business with "Loving Touch Dog Massage" teaching workshops etc. Now if you ask her she would say it took alot of work to get this going and I know its just appears like eveything just fell together. I could give other examples but we all know people who decide to do something and then be honest we all know people like me who decide to do something and run into all kind of road blocks so keep taking detours.....but that is is just a different way of life. I am not saying one way is good the other is bad......infact I am sooo taking to heart the message "You might want to expunge the word "good" from your vocabulary. If you're busy being good you're probably going to miss this. The real stuff going on all around you."

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