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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poetry on Thanksgiving

Today is when I play the lone ranger.  I do not like tradition and do not relate to calendar dates that dictate to me what to celebrate and when.  This is my day to take a long silent walk along the river in glorious living color, birds flying, poetry in motion.  My daughter calling me, also a friend from Huntington Beach I have not seen in forever, and going shopping at Powell's books is as extroverted as I get.  It has not occurred to me that I could call a friend as well.  What is wrong with me???

Yes these two are my idols.  I could be around their humor all day long.  Don has received more flack about his stick then anyone yet I got it right away. Due to my Dad who loved to tease.   I love to tease.  When I tease someone I can get to know them much faster.  Most people can't take it, don't get it and don't think it's funny.  It's so hard for me to communicate when I can't joke around with someone.  Who is on the other side of this blog I can tease?   Oh my gosh,  if only Rosanne Barr was there.  Her show is the best that ever was.

So poetry on Thanksgiving to me is fun, funny, and ways to make me laugh.  Or ways I can make someone else laugh.  Talk about an art form.  Whoa.  I would give all.

Now way #3 to be lonely.....are you ready?  Stop looking for something to entertain us or to save us.

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