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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art On The Runway

Do you love Project Runway?  For me it is the best of TV.  I find myself drawn to the artistic challenge shows as some are drawn to game shows.  I like Food Network Challenge, Home Designer Challenges, plus all shows that show how artists create their art.  Someone else voiced my opinion when they said, "I am not interested in the finished art I am interested in the process of how it was created."

Do you ever think of what you wear each day to work or on the street is your "runway"?  Do you create interesting outfits or safe?  Do you like to please yourself in how you feel on your own runway of life or are you more "out there" wanting to show off for a boyfriend, or co-workers?

I have a friend who really cares about how she presents herself through the way she dresses and even just meeting for a coffee date likes to look her best.  We like to shop for clothes and discuss fashion.  I have another friend who hates to shop and dresses just for her own pleasure and comfort.  She always look like a work of art.  She is from Barcelona and she dresses as one from her colorful culture.  I dress for fun.  I like to take risks and put together my outfit to "feel" like I want to for the day. 

.  I read in Style magazine that white boots are "OUT"

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